I always wanted to capture or recreate the beautiful moments I had in my life. I got inspired by places where I've been to, by the music I was listening to, but I never had a way to express myself and to share it with others. When I tried photography as a type of art I understood that this is what I would love to do: being in the present moment but capturing the most beautiful sides of everything around me. For the next couple of years, I was defining my creative style, trying different techniques, and working in different genres until I realized that my passion is portrait photography. I love to show people as they are. Each photoshoot for me is like a film with its characters and its story and I always try to tell the story through my photographs.

Portrait of a photographer Fedor Vasilev Standing in a field with high grass at sunset

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Wedding Portrait photography by Fedor Vasilev

Daria & Nicolas 

Fedor is not just taking pictures of the events, he is telling bright stories full of emotions, life, and passion. Fedor is not only making the portraits, he is showing moods, characters, personalities. Fedor is not just photographing landscapes, he opens the mystery, something we would not see looking at the same view if he would not tell us.

Portrait of a woman in black pool by Manchester's photographer Fedor Vasilev


You can rarely see someone so immersed in what they are doing like Fedor is in photography. I remember many instances when he saw something beautiful and was completely carried away, totally forgetting about the existence of the world around him. I think that this excitement and his superhuman focusing abilities are the two traits that make him a great photographer.

Lifestyle portrait photography in Manchester


Fedor gets great results with people like me who have never model. It gives you freedom of movement so the result reflects who you are.