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Portrait of a musician playing on a flute

Storytelling portrait photography for musicians and artists

I'm a passionate music photographer based in berlin. I create portrait photographs to show your visual style. I work with individuals and with bands and create unique style photo shootings for musicians as well as produce photos for PR or albums/

If you would like to improve your online presence I'm happy to help by making a series of images to tell your story through it

Wide angle portrait photograph of a musician playing on a flute
Abstract portrait of a man by Photographer Fedor Vasilev
A silhouette photo of a guitarist by portrait music photographer in Berlin - Fedor Vasilev

Portraits for Musicians in Berlin

I create individual and group portrait photo series. We start from discussing the style in which we are going to make the photoshoot, and after choose a location. Then I take many types of portrait and lifestyle photographs using different techniques to show mood and style of your music and of you as a single artist or a band.

Portrait photograph of a guitarist in front of a microphone by music photographer Fedor Vasilev

Music Photography Services In Berlin

I'm a professional photographer in Berlin and I specialise in fine art and portrait photography, creating photos that can represent a person, a style, or a concept. That's why I love to tell stories through my images. The photography services I provide are in between fine art and portrait photography, so I always care about the style of the photoshoot and do not create the same type of images every time. For me, it's important to create a story made of a selection of photographs that will perfectly show the idea of the shoot and that will convey the concept with all the emotions and moods. I love to put life into my images and I value sincerity the most.


  • Starting from 120€ for the 1st hour. (then +60€ for each additional hour)

  • Includes editing/retouching the photos

  • Prints from the photoshoots are available from 6€ for a high-quality print

  • Any location in Berlin

  • We always have a chat before a photoshoot to discuss all the aspects and choose the desired style

  • Photos are ready in 48 hours after a photoshoot

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A few words about me

Hi, I'm Fedor, I grew up in Saint Petersburg and I started doing portrait photography as my hobby about 8 years ago. I loved to walk around for hours taking pictures. In a couple of years, I started doing portrait photography for a travel agency. Since I was always interested in photography as a form of art I did different photography projects conveying Ideas and concepts through this medium.

A few years later I moved to Manchester and decided to work as a portrait photographer only and to work independently so I could develop my own visual style faster.

After 3 years my partner and I decided to move to this amazing city - Berlin!

Berlin Music photographer Fedor Vasilev. Portrait photo
Wedding Portrait photography by Fedor Vasilev

Daria & Nicolas 

Fedor is not just taking pictures of the events, he is telling bright stories full of emotions, life, and passion. Fedor is not only making the portraits, he is showing moods, characters, personalities. Fedor is not just photographing landscapes, he opens the mystery, something we would not see looking at the same view if he would not tell us.

Portrait of a woman by photographer Fedor Vasilev


You can rarely see someone so immersed in what they are doing like Fedor is in photography. I remember many instances when he saw something beautiful and was completely carried away, totally forgetting about the existence of the world around him. I think that this excitement and his superhuman focusing abilities are the two traits that make him a great photographer.

Lifestyle portrait photography in Manchester


Fedor gets great results with people like me who have never model. It gives you freedom of movement so the result reflects who you are.


Fedor Vasilev
Berlin Music Photographer

Mail: phfedorvasilev(at)

Phone: +49 151 507 88 493