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Fedor Vasilev


Expressive and vibrant portrait photography

I'm passionate about portrait photography and about capturing the essence of the atmosphere, the people, and the stories. My aim is to show real people as they are, to show their feelings. I believe that every person is beautiful in their own way and that's why I have an individual approach to every photo shoot and that's why I decided to become a portrait photographer. My visual branding and individual photoshoots are aimed to show everyone from every side and to create series of pictures representing the mood and the character of a person.

Wedding photography services in Berlin

I love taking pictures of weddings and events and tell your stories through photographs. All of my photography services are bound to portrait photography because I love to put life in my art and I find it the most interesting to photograph people. 

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A few words about me

Hi, I'm Fedor, I grew up in Saint Petersburg and I started doing portrait photography as my hobby 7 years ago. I loved to walk around for hours taking pictures and then edit them and adjust the colours to make them arty and appealing. In a couple of years, I started doing portrait photography for a travel agency.

When I was 20 I moved to Manchester and decided to start working as a portrait photographer only and to work independently so I could develop my own visual style.

After 3 years my partner and I decided to move to this amazing city - Berlin!

Portrait & Wedding photographer Fedor Vasilev
Wedding Portrait photography by Fedor Vasilev

Daria & Nicolas 

Fedor is not just taking pictures of the events, he is telling bright stories full of emotions, life, and passion. Fedor is not only making the portraits, he is showing moods, characters, personalities. Fedor is not just photographing landscapes, he opens the mystery, something we would not see looking at the same view if he would not tell us.

Portrait of a woman by photographer Fedor Vasilev


You can rarely see someone so immersed in what they are doing like Fedor is in photography. I remember many instances when he saw something beautiful and was completely carried away, totally forgetting about the existence of the world around him. I think that this excitement and his superhuman focusing abilities are the two traits that make him a great photographer.

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Fedor gets great results with people like me who have never model. It gives you freedom of movement so the result reflects who you are.

Cinematic couple portrait photography
Lifestyle & Cinematic style portrait photgrapher

I do lifestyle & cinematic style photography because I love to show not just the portrait but to create a special atmosthere of a photoshoot, to show the character of a person on the pictures.


Fedor Vasilev

Portrait photographer in Berlin

Mail: fedor.vasilev24@gmail.com

Phone: +44 7384 712 066

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