Silhouette photography - define the shapes of your composition.

Silhouette of a woman walking downstairs

Here is another important topic - Silhouette photography.

I like to do this type of photography quite often. Because this helps to show the atmosphere of a place or a happening. Feels like the most important things to experience in life are the mood and the atmosphere.

I love to think of everything as an infinite collection of concepts and stories. It can be a conversation between 2 people or a confrontation. Dinner with a whole family or a lonely walk of a nomad at night. Taking silhouette photographs helps to add some mystery and another conceptual layer to your artwork. Try to think of silhouette photography as a style that makes it possible to hide the personality of the person. It’s an easy way to make the observer feel to be a part of this picture. The viewer might not know the person in the photograph. But silhouettes are not as unique. Looking at a silhouette you don’t feel biassed about the story shown on it. You also don’t see the cultural or racial differences. It makes it slightly easier to imagine there yourself.

Silhouette photography is good for learning composition

silhouette of a couple together

If you simplify any picture, you will see that every composition consists of shapes.

Good shapes in the composition should be organic. There should be a clear hierarchy of them. You can’t always achieve that perfectly but you have to try. Silhouette photography helps you to see shapes better. When you learn how to find the harmony between these shapes - you will start creating a better composition in all of your photographs.

Silhouette photography helps to learn how to set your exposure in the right way.

Silhouette of a man in front of a window

It’s always important to keep your highlights properly exposed. At the same time, it’s all right to underexpose shadows. You can create silhouettes almost anywhere where you have strong contrast. You can also do that while creating low key photography. Silhouette photography can also help you understand that the most important in photography is the difference in lighting and the power of light sources and contrast etc. By manipulating the lighting you can achieve a number of different results. Setting exposure to highlights will help you to understand how light works. What you see is only one small spectrum and your photograph shouldn’t look exactly the same as your vision.

Add some variety to your photography by creating silhouettes.

a city scape with silhouettes of the buildings

To define your style you need to try many different ones and of course, silhouette photography is also important. Silhouette photography is not only a profile of a man on a bright background, silhouettes can be partial. For example, it can be a silhouette of a man but his face can be well lit by a spot of light. Try out all kinds of silhouette photography and it will improve your skills overall.


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